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Farmhouse YarnsFarmhouse Yarns are hand-dyed in America, and we buy much of our wool directly from American farmers.  Many are small, family farms with twenty or fewer sheep: farms that find it very difficult to compete in a global economy where foreign fibers have taken hold and driven down prices.  Farmhouse Yarns, LLC™ provides local farmers with a valuable market for their wool.  Fleeces are inspected and chosen by hand for quality, then the resulting yarns are hand-dyed to bring you the most beautiful high quality American yarns available.  We offer our yarns to fine shops all across America, so be sure to browse our retailer listing for a shop near you.

Happy knitting!  -Carol Martin, Owner and the person who does the dyeing, sheepkeeping, and everything else around here.

Things You Should Know about Our Yarns

 Farmhouse Yarns™ are hand-dyed, and by nature, each skein is unique and beautiful.  We don't use dye lots, and no two skeins are exactly alike.  Variegations and color saturation in each skein  depends on its location in the dye pot.  Typically, skeins at the bottom of the pot are deep and rich in color, and skeins at the top of the pot have more subtle, somewhat less saturated and more muted shades of color.  For an even distribution of color throughout your knitting a project, we suggest alternating skeins every few rows.  Our yarns provide an exciting chance to play with color to great effect, when a project is well planned out.

We try to get to know our customers in order to become familiar with their likes and dislikes.  When a customer places a call to Farmhouse, I answer the phone personally.  There are no computerized menus with complex navigation.  If I am out with my sheep, I will return calls as soon as possible.  I find it very helpful to know what is most important to each of my customers and their shops so that each can be better served.  For example, when a dozen skeins of a particular colorway are ordered, I strive to send you twelve that match as closely as possible, unless you tell me differently.  I have several customers that love the unique "oddball" skeins, and others that prefer skeins that match as closely as possible.  I pack the order myself, and take great care to send each customer exactly what they like, and I encourage feedback and comments from everyone.

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